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Lemme Ask Ya...

I know nothing about NFTs.  Will you help me?

Yes!  Education is a huge part of this project.  We'll be making How-To videos to walk you through every step.

What blockchain will this be on?


How will these events happen?

Our events will be both on-line (URL) through a token-gated, live streaming service and/or in-person (IRL) at locations around the United States.

What's the cost?

The initial price of the NFT is to be determined.  Then, once you own one, the events be either be totally free or a nominal charge (based on the event & which NFT you hold).

Will I get rich off selling this NFT?

Check out our "Legal Stuff" section of our website for this answer.

Is your Smart Contract legit?

Yes, a professional smart contract developer has written the contract and we've had it scrutinized and audited by two other dev companies.

What's special about this project?

Access and membership in a community of people who want to be the best versions of the themselves that they can be.

Wait.  WTF is an NFT?

An acronym for Non-Fungible Token. It's a unique, one-of-a-kind digital asset. 

Here's an example:

Let's say the DMV gave you a digital version of your driver's license.  You'd be the only one who has that unique "NFT".  There's none like it.  But, it would be exclusively on the DMV's computers and you wouldn't own it (therefore you could not sell it).

But NFTs -- on the blockchain -- provide true ownership and transferability of digital assets.

How do I get one?

Quick answer: You buy the cryptocurrency ETH and then use that ETH to purchase the NFT on OpenSea.  

Don't worry.  We'll elaborate on this process soon.

How & where do I store this?

You'll store this digital asset in your digital wallet.  We'll make an explainer video about this soon.

What IP rights do I get with this NFT?

You have full Intellectual Property rights for your unique and particular NFT.  This means you can exploit its value any way that you want.  Some examples are: t-shirts, movies, theme parks, and more!

How many people can use one NFT?

One TDOS NFT  equals one membership in TDOS.

Can you explain this project again?

Sure.  We're a community of people -- bonded by NFT ownership -- that periodically gets together to learn & do cool things.

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