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About The Society's Founders

Who the hell is runnin' this?!

We're fully doxed, invested in NFT projects, accessible, and want to be the best Society hosts we can be!  

Other stuff: We're life-long friends, San Diego residents, and two dudes who strive to be better everyday.

For example, here are skills we learned "mid life": archery, jiujitsu, leatherworking, acroyoga, rock-climbing, & guitar! 

Read more about us below:

About: About
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Brandon Plantz


Hey!  I'm "B".  I work as a Media Project Manager and consider myself a practitioner of art, love, and health.  Phrased differently, I'm perpetually enthusiastic about people, creating stuff, and unique communities.  I think that's one of the reasons I love the NFT space and its possibilities.

NFT communities I'm invested in: VeeFriends, CryptoBatz, Weather Report, Deathbats Club, Flinch, and more! 

Shane Burke


I live in San Diego, California with my beautiful wife and 3 wonderful kids. I have a background in engineering and data analytics. I have a passion for decentralization, blockchain technology, web3 development, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). I truly believe this is the future and will bring the power back to where it belongs: the people!

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About: Meet the Team
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